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Thread: Yaesu VX-150 Factory Reset (How do I?)

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    Default Yaesu VX-150 Factory Reset (How do I?)

    Hi I hope I have posted this in the correct slot as I could not see a 'technical' section.

    I have just purchased an ancient VX-150 which works fine except that the previous owner has swamped the TX memory with 1001 channels Repeaters, Simplex, Favourites and more. I thought the easiest way to delete them is to 'factory reset' but what a laugh. To achieve reset it's as simple as 'follow the instructions' ie. switch TX off hold F key and PTT key, switch TX back on and you will be greeted by a scrolling list choose Reset ALL then operate the F key again to set it to the new choice ie. ALL memories have gone but alas NO it is still the same no change.

    It could be that being in my 80's the grey matter has retired but I don't think so I can still 'just about' follow instructions. However I am a little concerned that when looking 'on line' I come across using the F key which is the 'bottom' key on the left hand side but read another blurb and they ask you to operate the PTT and LAMP key, anyway neither does anything. PLEASE I am missing the point ? this is driving me mad as I need to delete all the rubbish and put in my own favourites.

    If you can help you'll go straight to the top of my Christmas Card list.

    Thanks Peter G8CVF

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    Sorted THANKS

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