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Thread: Stryker Base with HY Gain Super Penatator spt 500

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    Default Stryker Base with HY Gain Super Penatator spt 500

    Problem is this When I turn on radio I get not any static or receive anything. I moved my coax around and I can get it to receive. So I thought loose cable or defect at connector. so I tightened it all and now couldn't get anything unless I unscrew the coax ground then I receive. The ground on the antenna is connected to a earth ground copper rod 8' What else can I do. Is it a radio problem or antenna. I did connect my 2 meter antenna to the radio and it acted the same, center lead in I get static and connect outer sleeve and dead. This antenna is working good on my 2 meter radio.
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    Sounds like you could have a short somewhere on the coax lead.
    It might be worthwhile opening the radio and inspecting the coax socket too...

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    That can happen if the center conductor of the coax is broken somewhere. When you remove the shield connection, the in-tact portion of the center conductor capacitively couples to the jacket which acts as an antenna. Take a continuity tester to the center conductor and see of there is DC conductivity.

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