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Thread: 100W SWR Meter for Doublet

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    Default 100W SWR Meter for Doublet

    Looking to build a SWR meter suitable for 100w HF.
    Needs to be used for constant monitoring with doublet.
    Looked everywhere. Seen plenty of QRP examples. Any suggestions where I should look?
    Thanks in advance

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    (where can I find a suitable circuit diagram of a swr meter suitable for 100w)
    Is it possible to modify a qrp circuit for for 100W?
    I am a member of Sprat so have lots of QRP diagrams.

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    I searched for DIY SWR meter and found these 2 that should be able to be adapted to what you want to do:

    Simple SWR Meter Circuit - Reflectometer Electronics Notes (

    Microsoft Word - Constructing a precision SWR meter.doc (
    Atlanta Area

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