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Thread: Xiegu G90 mobile antenna suggestions/recommendations

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    Default Xiegu G90 mobile antenna suggestions/recommendations

    Hi all, just got a Xiegu G90 and planning to run it mobile eventually.
    Anyone have any recommendations on best antenna (type or brand) to use mobile? PLease bear n mind that this radio has an inbuilt ATU that I would like to take benefit of, but I am not able to mount a screwdriver like the Yeasu ATAS, so some sort of multi-band (whip) is obviously best.

    Thanks in advance for the good bad & ugly suggestions :-)

    73s & stay safe all

    Malcolm F4VRX

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    Is it just me ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AC5PS View Post
    Is it just me ?
    Just you what?

    Am only looking for tips/suggestions on what others have used mobile and found to be of best suitability to their scenario(s) - considering I've never used ATU before.

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    I'd go for a multi-tap multi-band mobile antenna and not use the ATU much, if at all. I don't have a particular model in mind, but I haven't been happy with my screwdriver antenna. The other comments are very condescending. That's why I've been absent for so long.

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    essbee, i deleted my comments with the thought my listed reason for deleting would remain ~ it did not. If peoples feelings are more important here than being honest and motivating people to respect this hobby instead of turning it into the FRS, that's fine. I am on the wrong forum.

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    FRS? Only you mentioned that. Newcomers have been successfully turned away for a long time on this forum. Also, lots of people read your comment. Can't really undo that.

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    AC5PS might be thinking about deleting also.

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