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Thread: Xiegu G90 mobile antenna suggestions/recommendations

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    Default Xiegu G90 mobile antenna suggestions/recommendations

    Hi all, just got a Xiegu G90 and planning to run it mobile eventually.
    Anyone have any recommendations on best antenna (type or brand) to use mobile? PLease bear n mind that this radio has an inbuilt ATU that I would like to take benefit of, but I am not able to mount a screwdriver like the Yeasu ATAS, so some sort of multi-band (whip) is obviously best.

    Thanks in advance for the good bad & ugly suggestions :-)

    73s & stay safe all

    Malcolm F4VRX

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    Is it just me ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AC5PS View Post
    Is it just me ?
    Just you what?

    Am only looking for tips/suggestions on what others have used mobile and found to be of best suitability to their scenario(s) - considering I've never used ATU before.

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    I'd go for a multi-tap multi-band mobile antenna and not use the ATU much, if at all. I don't have a particular model in mind, but I haven't been happy with my screwdriver antenna. The other comments are very condescending. That's why I've been absent for so long.

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    essbee, i deleted my comments with the thought my listed reason for deleting would remain ~ it did not. If peoples feelings are more important here than being honest and motivating people to respect this hobby instead of turning it into the FRS, that's fine. I am on the wrong forum.

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    FRS? Only you mentioned that. Newcomers have been successfully turned away for a long time on this forum. Also, lots of people read your comment. Can't really undo that.

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    AC5PS might be thinking about deleting also.

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    You guys have been embarrassing to the amateur radio community. It should embarrass you. Moderator is not on the job.

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    Embarrassed, no. Frustrated, yes. To the OP, apologies for getting out of pocket.

    To answer the original question, there is no answer. Every vehicle is different. Every mounting technique is different. Every antenna is different. And you even didn't tell us what bands you want to operate on. It is a situation and use-dependent topic and we know nothing about the vehicle, intended bands, mount technique/location, etc.

    Multi-band antennas are designed to function properly on the bands they are built for, therefore, no tuner is necessary. Same thing with screwdrivers. They have a built in tuning mechanism that, in most cases, eliminates the need for a tuner. Those are the types of antennas you do not need a tuner for. If you want a single antenna, without any built-in tuning circuits (like a plain whip antenna), you can use it your tuner to get it to function OK on a few different bands. It will not work on all bands due to the high voltages (due to anti-resonance) and limitations of the tuner (capacitor plate spacing and LC values), but it will work on a few of the bands for sure. The radiation pattern will almost certainly be different on each band you manage to tune it up on due to the electrical characteristics of the antenna (its dimensions as viewed by moving electrons).

    As for the above disaster, I hope it did not "scare you away". The way your post came across (to me) is that you "simply want it to work". There is nothing wrong with that. I merely took the the entirety of the post and concluded you had done very little studying, and for that, I was wrong. i shouldn't have judged you based on your first post. Many of the people here have spent hundreds of hours researching the topic of radio communication and own several books on the subject. Covid, among other things, has led to an influx of new hams that "just want their stuff to work" while making little personal effort to understand the why's of it all. It is this that frustrates some of the hams that have worked very hard to get where they are in the hobby. Although my initial poor attitude was unbecoming of a ham radio operator, one of the purposes of amateur radio is to further advancement in radio and be a service to the public - that requires effort. For this reason, the large numbers of people jumping on the ham wagon with an apparent desire to personally gain from the hobby without dedicating themselves to the spirit of what this service is for, get some people very crabby. That was the basis of my Family Radio Service comment, that is what I see ham radio turning into. If I misinterpreted your original post and you truly desire to learn about the hobby and not simply "have it work", I sincerely apologize. Perhaps I was too quick to judge and I hope you return.

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