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Thread: Real time water fall

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    Default Real time water fall

    I got a IC-7300 a few weeks ago and really like it.
    I have a question about something I have observed on the band scope.
    I have been receiving HF frequencies for about 30 years, like many of you I have always heard that occasional noise of a chirp/high pitch for a fraction of a second.
    Now that I have my first real time spectrum display I can see the signal coming moving left to right leaving a tail behind it !
    What is causing this noise ? Could it be meteorite’s ?

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    Many things can generate this kind of signal.

    Electronic equipment "warming up"
    Like you said, the activity of meteorites ionising the atmosphere
    FRB's (fast radio bursts) from millions of lightyears away
    Our own aurora(s)
    possibly even volcanic activity deep within the Earth, the list goes on

    Yes, they are a fascinating subject, which we still know very little about...

    [edit] I seem to remember a computer program associated with this, might be work looking for a new version...

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    Ionosondes perhaps?

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    Interesting ! Thanks

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    Google "tweeks chirps whistlers chorus", perhaps even go directly to the images section. Do any of those signals look the same as the one you are searching for?

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    One of the images is close, they start at low frequency and increases. Saw one yesterday that moved back and forth before heading up the band.

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