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Thread: Looking for advice on Yaesu hands-free PTT problem

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    Default Looking for advice on Yaesu hands-free PTT problem

    I bought a used Yaesu VX-6E, in good condition. Waterproof, shockproof, lightweight and I found the accessories I need available for this model. I fly a paraglider and use these radios for that. I bought a hands-free kit, PTT mic and headphones. 20, not Yaesu, they don't make one but it seemed well made. I'd been using the Baofeng radios before but they kept failing in various ways and this radio and hands-free kit felt far more robust.
    But when I plugged the Handsfree kit in it did not work. The headphones worked but the PTT did nothing, a transmit bar flashed for a split second and then nothing, no mic, no PTT. I spent hours poring over the manual trying different things but nothing made any difference. I asked the vendor of the hands-free kit but they didn't know why it was not working, the kit is specifically for the VX-6, Vx-7.
    So I bought another one from a different seller. This one was exactly the same. headphones but no PTT or mic. So I thought it must be the radio. So I bought another VX-6E, brand new this time. It arrived today and I tested it and the same, the headphones are good but no PTT or mic. After looking closely I've also realised that the only handsfree kit for this radio is this one. There are lots of places selling it but they're all the same so buying a third one seems crazy.

    I bought a Yaesu FT-4V first but had to sell that after weeks of buying kits that didn't work. I've a box full of useless radio bits now and really don't want to go back to the Baofeng radios but I'm running out of options if I cant get this one to work.

    I'm at a complete loss. If anyone knows the VX-6E or has any advice about something I may be missing?

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    If your on Air Band Frequencies then you maybe get an ERROR msg on the screen.
    Bearing in mind you have an FM radio and Air Band is AM, which most Yaesu radio's will RX but NOT TX.
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    Got called away there hopefully I've not missed you. Here is a picture of the plug on the hands-free kit with some pictures from inside the socket and a schematic of the connections. I took the first radio apart and spent some time with a little USB microscope looking for damage and confirming that all the connections were seating properly but could find no issue. On the bottom of the VX-6 screen is a set of bars that light up when you transmit or receive. There is a LED that lights green or red also. When I plug in the handsfree kit and push the PTT those bars flash on for a split second, the LED does not but the bars do, that's why I spent so long investigating the connections. Or it's like it was about to work but something shut it down.VX6_Plug Sm.jpg

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    They transmit fine without the kit attached on the frequency I'm testing it on, 144.060 and no ERROR message. The VX-6E has limited frequencies and I do get an ERROR on the screen if I go outside of them and try to transmit. It's a thought though, as I said in the other reply with the flash of the bars it's like they are about to work and something shuts it down.

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    VX6_Plug Sm.jpg

    This should be the picture.. not sure if this is working?

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    Thanks for having a go anyhow. I'll send the kits back I think and look for another radio, or go back to the Baofeng. Working accessories but they have just been so unreliable for us.

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