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    I bought myself a pre-assembled 40m Pixie radio kit. I also have a hold of a Voyager Hvt-400b antenna (as I live in an apartment and have absolutely no space for any outdoor antennas).
    I know that this type of mobile antenna needs grounding if I'm to use it as a base station, which I plan to do. I'm just not sure how to accomplish that. Could I use the power outlet's ground cable for it somehow?
    In addition, I've tried running a cable from the outlet to the base of the antenna's connector (which I'm clueless about and is probably wrong) and all I could hear was some _really_ loud static on the radio. Could my grounding issue cause this?

    I hope I at least can get it to work somehow. Or am I doomed due to not having enough space or equipment?

    Thank you.

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    if your limited in space a spiral mag loop antenna would work well.
    but a pixie radio is extremely low power! 1/2 a watt on full power.
    chances are you may not make a contact with it but it depends on who hears you,
    you need to be licensed to use the amateur radio, and you need to make sure the frequency you are using is within the scope of your license
    for instance 7.23 is in the extra class license and a tech cannot use that frequency
    here is a website for the spiral loop antenna.
    Im so old dirt was my apprentice

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