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Thread: Bayofang UV5R longest range handheld and vehicle antenna? Abbree 42.5-Inch?

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    Default Bayofang UV5R longest range handheld and vehicle antenna? Abbree 42.5-Inch?

    I want to keep my UV5R for emergency use. I figure it might save me if I break down in a no signal area. What is the longest range vehicle and hand held antenna? Is length the key to longer range? I am looking at the Abbree 42.5-Inch. I have a giant Wilson whip in my trunk for my emergency CB. I am willing to go as long as possible for the car.

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    length of your antenna must be a resonant length unless you are using a tuner
    with the uv5r too big an antenna will overload it
    a 2 meter 1/4 wave antenna is roughly 19 inches long 1/2 wave about 38 inches long
    typically your range radio to radio can be between 10 and 30 miles depending on land surfaces
    line of sight distance however is dramatically farther
    look up the arrl antenna guide it will give you detailed information on antennas.
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    30 miles? With any hand held it’s geography. My office to my home is less than one mile. A handheld in my office cannot make it. The same handheld can talk to a ship 5 miles away. Antenna height is key. But - then orientation is vital. Go a few degrees off vertical and they’re useless. I did some tests of portable antennas on you tube. Results were pretty bad.

    With one person on top of a mountain you might get 30 Miles, but a couple might be more common. Quarter waves are more efficient than helical types too, so any kind of portable really has range based on very random and unknown circumstances.

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    Nice video. I tried measuring the SWR of my HT antennas with a VNA but ran into trouble as well. My first attempt was to screw the antenna right on a nanoVNA. Even bringing my hand close to the VNA made significant changes. Then, I tried a ground plane like you mentioned and still had strange results. The shape of the ground plane made the results change so much I assumed there was no way it was a representation of what the HT will see. What would be nice is if someone had a broken HT and gut it and put a coax connector on the bottom with a ferrite bead on the coax so that the common mode currents wouldn't affect the results and the antennas could be evaluated in their natural environment. I think those antennas are roughly tuned with the expectation of a weakly coupled radio case to the hand. It would also be interesting to see the radiation patterns as I believe some of those handheld antennas, particularly the short linear loaded ones, have broader more uniform pattern extending above horizontal such that holding it straight up and down is not necessary.

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