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Thread: NanoVNA-F vs SVA1032x @ 207MHz

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    Default NanoVNA-F vs SVA1032x @ 207MHz

    I wanted to compare the nanoVNA-F to the Siglent SVA1032x so I calibrated them both with the same kit and took screenshots of the 75ohm yagi I made for ch12 OTA TV (207MHz) through about 50' of 75ohm coax (VNA's calibrated to 50ohm). I was surprised how well the nano did in comparison. The reactance was almost identical between the two, but the resistance was a few ohms higher on the nano. I was originally frustrated with the nanoVNA because it gave me horrible readings and consistently failed gamma match adjustments, but now that I updated the firmware (again) on the nano, I must admit, it isn't too bad. I've done 3 firmware updates now in a month or so and I finally found one that works the way I want it to. I'll be comparing the two units at 70cm soon. I also noticed that just about every antenna I connect to, there exists enough common-mode current to significantly change the impedance readings just by touching or approaching the coax which gives me a new appreciation for baluns! I highly recommend a ferrite bead on test coax at the antenna end if you want accurate readings. I use the TKD ZCAT2035-0930 clip-on bead and that works great for me at 2m and up (thats a VHF-UHF ferrite). I now get stable and fairly accurate readings (at least up to 1.25m band) with this cheap nano.



    the firmware thats on my nano (reasonably accurate and has port extensions)
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