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Thread: likely hood of receiving ?

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    Default likely hood of receiving ?

    hi, i have just bought my first radio (Baofeng UV5R) and was wondering how hard is it to find a sinal on 2m/70cm? i live in a village in dorset that does have next to no radio reception, its in a dip and the signal on the radio in the car cuts off as soon as you drive into the village. ive made a dipole for 2m and another for 70cm that actully picks up FM commercial radio very clearly, but when i scan through either band i dont pick up anything. how likly is it that somone will be transmitting on VHF/UHF within range of me? do you usually have to go hunting for signals in a rural area or should i be picking somthing up ? i did go for a walk up the nearest hill and still nothing, at most it will stop on a frequency and make some interference noice for a minute then move on :/

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    You might have to go to the top of a hill to pick up some repeaters, but you should be able to hear/work several even on a small antenna.

    This repeater coverage map, might help...

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    Monitor 145.500 (the 2m calling frequency) and the local 2m/70cm repeaters. That's a good place to start. Find out if you have any local radio clubs, and if they have any weekly 2m/70cm nets.
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    whey thats brilliant thankyou i will keep an ear on the local repeaters is there somthing to be heard on them constantly or is it only when someone is transmitting through them ?
    im starting to wonder weather my radio works or not haha

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    Chances are it works fine. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure your ctcss dcs is set to off so that you can receive all signals transmitted on the frequency. The repeater will only come live when someone is transmitting on it. If you want a little more selectivity, turn the tones on and make sure that it is set to the correct one. At that point in time your squelch will only open (allow you to hear transmissions ) when that tone is heard. Squelch is another thing to keep in mind. If it is set to high, it takes a very strong signal to open it and you may miss what is going on. If it is to low, every power line can cause it to open, or constant static. Just a couple things to check.
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