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Thread: New to HAM and Looking to get FCC Licensed

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    Default New to HAM and Looking to get FCC Licensed

    Hi All,

    My previous employer had a HAM radio in one of their buildings and I had no clue what it was. I then recently have been given a couple HAM handheld radios from family for emergency use. Before I was given the HAM radios I had been somewhat interested in getting a CB radio and started researching. After seeing HAM radio pop up in these searches I decided to look into that and I have ended up here. I am from San Diego, CA and my hobbies include lifting weights and smoking food as well as spending time with my family.

    Some questions I have:

    1. What is a good study guide for FCC licensing (I have 0 background in this kind of stuff)?
    2. Some literature on protocol (channel use, language etc.)?
    3. Anything you experienced folks think will help me out?

    Thank you!

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    If you are smoking food, how do you keep it lit?

    In the US, ARRL has some good material. In fact, if you scour the web, there are tons of resources (even YouTube) that are helpful. Some ham (lower case, unless you want to rial up the old timers) websites even have practice tests you can indulge yourself in.

    Please, don't transmit with your radios until you have a basic understanding of whats going on. Saves everyone a ton of hassle.

    Welcome aboard to the ridiculously fun hobby of ham radio. Be warned, the rabbit holes are slick and deep. You have a lot of reading ahead of you, fyi.

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    dont be afraid to experiment with old junk parts to see what they do.
    learning electronics is fun and rewarding when you build something and it works.
    If it doesnt then you troubleshoot step by step to find out why.
    Dont be afraid to ask questions but remember google is your friend!
    building your own equipment gives you a valuable bank of knowledge.

    also do not transmit until you have your license
    Im so old dirt was my apprentice

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