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Thread: scavanging, scrounging, and repourposing electronics. ORGANIZE!

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    Default scavanging, scrounging, and repourposing electronics. ORGANIZE!

    we all do it to some extent! especially those of us who homebrew.
    salvaging parts from old electronics.
    as a recycle pro i come into contact with many types of electronics.
    the wireless antenna connector on a wireless router is the perfect match for my baofeng uv9r.
    transformers are a good supply of magnet wire. and many components have long leads on them.
    the degausing coils in crt monitors are a great supply of magnet wire also.
    the trick is to label things with their values (tested if value not readily visible) to make it easier to identify later.
    compatible parts can turn up in the oddest places
    how many of us have rummaged through a junk box to find some odd part that might work?
    organizing things is a requirement.
    old pill bottles with a label of what value parts in it, old jelly jars work great too.
    parts cabinets, drawers, shelves.
    the radio you plan on working on later! Put a tag on it with info of what is wrong, what it needs, or what modification you want to do with it!
    who knows when you might be able to do it, so the info tag helps you to remember.
    Im so old dirt was my apprentice

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    Every recycling shack should have something like this. They're so cheap now, I think I paid 8 for mine, I feel ripped off

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