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Thread: HOA/Condo Vertical?

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    Default HOA/Condo Vertical?

    Wanted to get some input...been an Extra Class for 25 years. Moved into a condo with a small backyard. I have an IC-7100 and an AT-200 pro II tuner.
    I've been looking on and it's just like yelp - tons of people happy with an antenna and many not happy. The antennae I've been looking at are:

    Comet CHA-250B
    Hustler 6BTV
    HY-Gain AV-640 or 6160
    Cushcraft R8
    Super Antenna MP1LXMAX

    Parameters I'm working with:
    - 80M is important
    - our small backyards are enclosed with 6ft high very sturdy durable wooden fences (think Florida hurricanes). The backyards are all concrete, so digging down 4 feet is most likely out of the question.
    -back yard is is about 25' x 13'. would only be able to put out a 180 degree semi-circle of radials, but we have access to a couple of 40ft palm trees.
    - i don't have the outside area to run a 1/4 wave loop
    So questions:
    1) Which vertical would you suggest for the space I have available?
    2) Has anyone ever attached a vertical to either a 6ft tall wooden fence support mounted in concrete or with tree stand-offs?
    3) Any other suggestions?

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    providing you dont have an HOA to contend with or close proximity to power lines .
    mounting to a fence depends on the sturdiness of the fence. mounting to a tree if mounting a mast in a tree it needs to be sufficiently supported to the tree to withstand winds.
    also your mast might probably need to be grounded.

    another idea would be a spiral magnetic loop
    this site has the measurements for 80 meter, 40 meter, and 20 meter. (Ive built a 40 meter and it works very well)

    If you live in an HOA try to get the others interested in amateur radio It can help you a lot
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    With the 2 dimensions -- 25' & 13', you have enough room for a dog leg end fed antenna like the Ultimax Dxtreme -- they are from 33' to 124'. I am using the 33' one and it is good (well I can get out with it) from 160m to 6m.

    I have mine mounted around a a gazebo, so mounting it on top of a fence should work -- but would be best to get it as high as you can.

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    I seem to do pretty well with a Chameleon micro and an MFJ 17' extendable whip while running 20 watts with a Xiegu G90. I use two 32' radials made of 1/16" stainless cable. I've spent a lot of money on antenna systems over the years and have settled on this combo for portable and travel. The home has an EFHW 80-10 as a sloper from 8 to 80 feet and 135 feet long. Florida has good soil for HF work and the low take-off of a vertical should serve you well, but don't get frustrated as nothing beats lots of wire in the air, especially on 80. I have owned the CHA-250B and the 6BTV and neither impressed me enough to keep them.

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