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    Hi Everybody,

    Just want to introduce myself and see if I can get some start-up help along the way. I'm a relatively new Ham, in that I got my Tech license in late-2002 (when I was 12) and my General in mid-2012 (at 22). I'm not only looking to upgrade again soon (when testing resumes to the normal way) but also to get my hands on some Equipment during this odd 'layover' period. I have some money, but my issues are two fold.
    1) I live in the NYC Metropolitan area, and so interference from building and RF sources is a big issue, so any Shack that I set up has to be built with that reality in mind.
    2) I live in an apartment complex, so ideally, I'd like to build an antenna roofside to help me propagate a far as I can given the circumstances. I've gotten permission from the building Co-op to proceed, and am in the research phase of finding a suitable antenna design and making sure I have the proper variance to build.

    I used to have a handheld device my father gave me when I was a young radio ham, but now I'm looking to move up to not only a car set, but a slick new home unit that I can use from my apartment. If anyone has suggestions for reading material or for home kits I can set up, I would be greatly appreciative. Also, if there is someone that can point me to a Elmer to help me get my Extra license, that would be awesome.

    Thanks in advance for all the help and I look forward to joining the conversation here.
    73 y'all,

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    If you have a callsign already, you could try Echolink to get some operating practise in. Some hams will tell you it's not real radio and to some extent it's true, but it really is just an evolution of Amateur radio...

    There are thousands of kits available, set yourself a money limit, say $50 and see how many you can build/destroy for that.
    Once you have the competence/confidence with putting kits together, spend another $50 (or whatever) on a QRP (low power) transceiver kit, build your own antenna(s) and make some contacts.

    Some items you should have to put a station together are:-

    Assorted tools, soldering iron, side cutters, screwdrivers etc - don't spend a lot on your first set, you will work out what you need as time goes on
    Power supply, typically 12Volt although a "Lab" type with variable Voltage (maybe with current limiting) are quite handy
    SWR meter for checking (homebrew) antenna

    Honestly, you will figure out what you need as you come to need it - go and check out your local library for reference, you may be surprised what there is in there if you look hard enough...

    P.S. packet radio doesn't need huge antennas, if you like computing, it might be a nice "way in" and you can easily interface your existing handheld...

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