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Thread: Longest range antenna and long range antenna that is transportable?

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    Default Longest range antenna and long range antenna that is transportable?

    What are the longest range ham antennas? My goal is to send and receive as far as possible with a base station, vehicle, and handheld. What are the longest range antennas for these and approx how much further will each transmit?

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    Not sure what modes you'll be using, how much space you have, whether you want to bounce transmissions off the moon, etc.

    What does your license allow you to do?



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    Your question is best answered by pointing you toward research in radio wave propagation. From there, you will learn there is no single best frequency or antenna for reliable communication. Being able to consistently make reliable contacts with a given location takes a fundamental knowledge in how different wavelengths diffract, refract, scatter, duct, etc, and all these are either strongly dependent on solar conditions (for HF) or atmospheric conditions (for VHF and up). Along your journey you will discover what the D, E, and F layers are, what MUF means and how certain things can either obstruct or redirect a signal. This hobby isn't as simple as hooking up the baddest antenna and buying a big amp... discovering the intricacies involved in radio communication is why most of us LOVE this hobby! I hope you enjoy the journey with us!

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    you will learn a lot! but one of the things you will learn from the onset is no matter what antenna you use it must be configured or otherwise tuned to the frequency you are going to use.
    and to quote a signature of another ham,
    even the best antenna in the world will not work if the signal is not there.
    Im so old dirt was my apprentice

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