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Thread: Recommendations for complete homebrew HF rig

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    Default Recommendations for complete homebrew HF rig

    I am a mere beginner in RF, and I have no radio rigs, but I am experienced in electronics and I have plenty of components. So I want to home-brew EVERYTHING possible, but there are little to no good schematics for my purpose.
    I am looking for 0-30mhz full operation on AM, SSB, CW at minimum 20W RMS. I don't care if the amplification is linear or class D.
    I have those capabilities and limitations:
    1. I don't want to use any tubes, because they aren't easily available for me. I would like to use IRF510 MOSFETs as an output stage because I own plenty of them.
    2. I am somewhat experienced in microcontrollers and I would love to synthesize the signal digitally by a microcontroller, which would give me good flexibility.
    3. I cannot get proper variable capacitors, so I would love to avoid any.

    I am not asking to babysit me throughout the build, but I am looking for some similar tutorial or documentation. I would appreciate good resources/ tutorials on:
    1. RF synthesis by PWM and digitally controlled auto switching low pass filters.
    2. RF amplifier (linear/class d) design based on both transistors and MOSFETs.
    3. Insight on SSB
    4. All other stuff I might have forgotten and you would recommend

    Also I would appreciate some guidance about antennas.
    Thank you already.

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    there are many kits out there you can build from sites like these:

    these kits are easy to build and can give you surprising results for their low power.
    Ive built the cricket, the pixie, the qcx plus (this one is a full 5 watt transceiver)
    Ive also built antennas, tuners, and baluns.

    there are many good youtube videos about ham radio antennas and this site has a lot of good info on antennas and a great many other things.

    depending on what you need variable caps can be found some at low cost and some may be a bit pricey
    the type used in most transistor radios are easily obtained.
    older am vari-caps can still be found but often need cleaned or repaired.
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