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Thread: Baofeng legal UK Frequencies

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    Default Baofeng legal UK Frequencies

    I (will) own a baofeng UV-5R (yes i know these are bad but its my first and they're cheap) and do not yet have my license (I am starting a course on Dec 20th) and would like to know if there are any frequencies is legal to transmit on in the UK (England) before I get my license so I can use the two baofengs I am getting as walkie-talkies.

    Will frequencies like 173.800 at 1W of power be legal to transmit?

    Are there any MURS frequencies I can use without a license?

    EDIT: my first post Wasn't very clear. is there ANY frequencies i can use BEFORE i get my license to use as a walkie talkie with the Baofeng UV-5R?
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    When you get your Amateur License, you can transmit to another licensed amateur between 144 and 146 MHz (might be 148 now).

    Nowhere else is amateur frequencies on that radio.

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    I own a UV-5R, they cannot transmit out of the amateur bands, and I'm unaware of any unlocking hack, so you will have to wait for your ham license.

    And congrats on working toward your license!

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