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Thread: Newbie looking for best logging software for Icom 735 - if that is even possible

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    Default Newbie looking for best logging software for Icom 735 - if that is even possible

    Hello everyone, well back into Ham Radio after being away for nearly 30 years. Back then my last station the antenna blew down and the wind damaged the house. So, I couldn't put the antenna back up due to the physical circumstances. Then we moved several times with no real place for my station or antenna. So, now I am back with a ocf dipole, and dusted off my Icom 735. It works and I can get out. My question is this, I am interested in some type - free - of logging software, and if it could work with my Icom 735. So much has changed with computers and how they can connect with a HF rig. I am somewhat computer savvy, but I see all of this stuff I may need besides just the software. I don't think I can just plug my radio into my Windows 10 computer???? without some type of interface - CV17 ???? or CI-V ??? Or is the CI-V and CV17 just needed for controlling the radio with the computer and not needed for logging. I don't necessarily need to control my radio by the computer, but I would like the info on the radio to migrate to the logging software if possible. And if not possible, just a recommendation as to a good logging program that's fairly simple to use with manual entry. Sorry for such a long post and I would presume someone with an Icom 735 might be interested in giving me a pointer or two. Thanks, Ross

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    The software reads the radio state when you log a callsign, eliminating the need for you to enter frequency/mode etc.

    As far as I know, a CI-V interface is pretty easy to homebrew and there's tons of software out there for logging...

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