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    Good Morning,

    I've joined so that I can learn new stuff. I am retired and it seems 'stuff ' is becoming more and more important to me. Now I'm experiencing the world of Ham radio. I've just passed the Technician exam and then the General/AG for the moment. I see we can go really deep in to our pockets which I don't mind. Here comes new stuff info. I don't want to waste any money so I came here to learn. I will see you on the forum. Thank you for being here.

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    Welcome and congrats on getting your ticket!
    I still waiting on the ve's in our area to come out of hiding (with all the covid crap going on I might be in for a long wait!)
    the online requirements are a bit ridiculous but its all a concern whether someone might cheat!

    anyhow you dont have to sink a pile of money into it when your just getting started!
    depending on your hands on skill level there are many kits you can build and learn on. Im starting out with a handheld, 3 40 meter qrp kits Ive built and will soon build a 15 meter cw kit
    these were easy for me as I am a retired electrician and electronics tech, and an instructor in welding and soldering.
    there is a lot to learn but you dont have to learn it all overnight.
    a good recommendation is to get the antenna handbook from the ARRL.

    if you venture into building kits and learning cw you open up a big world to yourself and will not be limited to the voice bands.
    and as good practice if you want go to this site and order one of the kits!
    ( I will be a kitter for the ozark patrol regenerative reciever (shortwave))
    they are low cost and fun to build. and you will get good experience soldering.
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    Thank you. I've been interested in Ham for a couple of months now. I have soldered pipe for forty yeas and expect a small challenge from Ham projects. I am looking for soldering gear as we speak. Thank you for your recommendation, I will go there. I'm peeping for the Extra.

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