I am a new kitter for this neat shortwave regen radio reciever.
anyhow they also have other qrp kits and accessories.

but on to the original topic:
this radio receiver is very easy to build and can usually be built in a couple hours( for a good builder) or afternoon for a novice
(he he he I built mine in an hour and 15 minutes) Im a longtime solder junkie!
and its a pleasure to build it!

its also easy to experiment with ( antenna, ground, adding trimmer caps to antenna, ( I may make an induction loop antenna to experiment bringing in weak stations))

its usually a 2 handed operation to tune it to stations and a pleasure to listen to stations around the world ( 40 foot long antenna wire from my house to a tree in the back yard)
you can pick up all kinds of signals on low and high band.
you would be surprised how many religious stations out there that use shortwave!
but there are also survivalist radio stations and a few music ones as well.
never ending variety of stations depending on weather conditions

these kits do offer easy builds and a relaxing form of productivity! also a good way to get youngsters involved in home brew