I'm new in the game so I turn here for expert opinions: I've got a new antenna mount on the way and I believe it comes with 11-17' of coax cable for the NMO mount. The antenna is a Comet SBB-224 tri-band 2m/1.25m/70cm. I read some where online (can't find the link) that an antenna cable must be 17' long, but I believe this advice was only for single-band 2m antennas so I'm not sure how this would apply to dual- and tri-band antennas.

So what's the rule of thumb in regards to cable length? The radio will be installed behind the rear seat on the floor of my truck, with the antenna right above it at the rear of the roof, so it won't require a very long cable. Should I cut any excess, or find a lazy, meandering path to spread out the extra length (avoid coiling/looping, of course).