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Thread: Newbie antenna install?

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    Default Newbie antenna install?

    Just got my technician License this week. I'm working on building an antenna tower next to my detached garage. my question is on running the coax from the house out to the antenna. I currently have a 4 inch underground utilities conduit ran from the house to the garage (25ft run). It contains a self contained shielded 240v power line. If I ran my LMR-400 in the same conduit would it cause to much interference. electrical usage in the garage is normally just a refrigerator. My other option would to be run a new conduit, which wouldn't be terrible but just trying to save a few bucks and extra labor. Thanks ahead of time.


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    You might get away with it since the fridge is a fairly low load, try it and see what the noise level is like...

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    your shielded 240 volt line will probably block a lot of induced noise whenever anything is running, but it might make a little noise on the coax!
    just make sure the shield is bonded at the supply side only (Not at both ends)
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