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    Hello all,

    I apologize in advance as I'm certain this question has been asked before.

    I am new to Amateur Radio and not currently licensed, although it is next on my objective list.

    I acquired radios handsets that cover 136-174mhz and 400-520mhz with the goal of monitoring emergency frequencies. I also acquired a mobile unit that covers 130-179mhz, 220-260mhz, 350-390mhz and 400-520mhz.

    I have spent several hours across the last two days searching for common use emergency frequencies. Despite finding several different frequencies, I'm uncertain of the credibility of some of the sources and whether the information is current. The best I have confirmed are the National Weather Service frequencies.

    Can anyone provide any confirmed emergency frequencies in the range of my radios that I can configure for monitoring?

    What I hope to acquire are frequencies used by national/state entities that are publicly accessible as well as frequencies most used the amateur radio community for the purposes of emergency communication.

    I am located in North Texas, if that information is needed.

    I have no intention of communicating on these frequencies prior to acquiring my license, this is strictly for emergency preparation and monitoring. The only reason I'm asking here is because two of the handsets are going to my brother tomorrow and I want to make sure they're configured for his use.

    Despite not being licensed, I am fully aware of many of the laws/policies/penalties for unlicensed use of certain frequencies. Please limit responses regarding law as I'm not here for legal information. I intend on reviewing all of the appropriate material to pass the first level amateur license and will ask appropriate questions, if necessary, at that time.

    Right now I'm only trying to configure a handset to monitor frequencies used for emergencies.

    Also, if anyone has the same information for the CB frequencies, that would be appreciated as well.

    Thank you for all of your help.


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    Most emergency sercives have gone digital, particularly P25 by Motorola. With regards to emergency frequencies of the analog type, such as interstate interoperability and disaster go to frequencies, I'd recommend taking a look at these two booklets. Very cool stuff in these, although a bit outdated, still heavily relied on.


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    you can program the radios to monitor the frequencies
    but even with a license you cannot use a ham radio to transmit on those frequencies
    doing so can get your license revoked!
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