recieved my kit for the QRPlabs qcx radio. (40 meter)
assembled it in an evening and had a small issue with it.
solder points are small so you have to be careful soldering it.
one pin on lcd display did not solder well and display was dark.

anyhow inspected with powerful magnification and found solder joint had broken. Re-flowed solder and all is good.
its best advised if you are going to work on a kit like this to inspect it from all angles with a lighted magnifier while pressing gently on components.
this will expose any faulty solder joints quickly. Me eyes are fairly good but i used a 12 power jewelers loupe

Its a great little radio! calibration was fairly easy and the decoder responds rapidly.
the only thing that might give builders fits is that when there is a pile up they might get garbled messages!