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Thread: Listening To Digital Without License

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    Well, I was hoping to have took my test this week, but my 16 yr old had a date with a girl who brought along Covid-19 as a 3rd wheel. He's ok, but the family is locked down until further notice.
    Anyway, it gives me time to try to figure out something I'm having problems wrapping my head around...DMR.
    I've pretty much figured a out Analog on my uv5r and uv82. But now, I have a Anytone at878uv, and to be honest, this DMR is a whole new ballgame.
    The biggest issue is that I'm trying to listen in on some digital transmissions, but I'm not having any luck setting up the ht to listen. Now I know I need a digital id (and a license to get that) to do any serious operations. But for right now, Id like to listen like I do on analog.
    So, if anyone knows of a website, video, or anything else that can help me set up my ht for just listening, (or any advice) I've got a couple weeks to kill.

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    Without a DMR ID / license, the only way to listen is to find a repeater that has a static TG. All other TGs require a PTT operation to be able to listen to the channel.

    You have to do some research to find the repeaters in your area (the RepeaterBook app on a spart phone will bring up repeaters in your area and list the distance to them) and which TGs are static -- most likely only one.

    I used the acronyms purposely to give you some incentive to learn about DMR -- hope that I didn't cause you too much "pain" doing so, but it takes a while to get an understanding of the terms ... so good luck, and DMR is a good way to open up the world.

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