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    Default Skywave Linux

    Is anyone using Skywave Linux?

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    downloading it now, thanks for pointing it out!

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    You can only install it as a Live User system that is read only. There is no option for a full install.
    I don't understand why it is set up that way, but you can install it as a persistent drive. Let me know if you have any problems or questions and I'll try to help.
    I'm new to SDR and just bought the HackRF hardware.

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    I'll be adding the skywave linux ISO to my usb stick. I have a 256GB thumb drive partitioned into two 128GB parts, one NTFS and the other Ext4. I have Easy2Boot on the NTFS partition with all my essential ISO images which works really nice. I have both the win7 and win10 installers and a few linux iso's on there. I think I have mint 18 something, one of the chirp iso's and some linux server one ive never tried. Ill be adding it to that. Its really nice having a menu to choose iso's from pre-boot. That Ext4 partition is what I use to save things to and install necessary packages from when Im running a non-persistent iso, works great!

    Did you get the HackRF One? I've been itching to get my hands on one, just cannot afford it right now. Let me know how you like it when you get it figured out!

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    Yes, I recently got the HackRF One. Just starting to learn how to use it by watching the tutorial videos.
    I've been a ham since the 90s, but SDR is new to me. Look for some deals on ebay.

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