Recently, I bought a Baojie BJ-318 (25W, 10W, 5W) to install in my truck in substitution of my old Motorola SM-50 (50W).

The package include the radio equipment, power cable, bracket, mic and programming cable, without programming software.

I has attempt configure it with Chirp but I feel that the configuration is so limited to Channel Names and Memories. I need to solve a problem related with a behavior in A display. When I transmit on A to the repeater, the Downlink frequency is no listened several minutes after beginning transmission. I can still to transmission but I can't listen anyone.

I think that any option is programmed but I can't see that is because I haven't the software. I has attempted search the software but is not available on the Internet.

Please, if you have it, share it!

Thanks in advance!

Fabian XE2XEH