After 55 years of thinking about it I took the time this summer to study and get licensed. Studied answers (more than theory) and easily passed technician and general exams. Iíve unboxed my Yaesu FT3D and started to look through the manual and some YouTube videos.

Prior to getting licensed I had remembered ham radio from the days of my youth where guys in the neighborhood were simply talking (voice) to others, near and far away. Now I discover that ďdigitalď seems to be at least equally important, and itís even somewhat confusing that the things I easily do on the computer (quite proficient on Mac and Windows) can be done via radio. Things like C4M/FM /DG-ID, WIRES-X AND APRS will require some study time to figure out.

So for this first post Iím welcoming ideas of where to start and resources to use in embarking on this hobby. I know thereís a rich and deep group of Hams back home (Sarasota) which I know will be helpful but for the next month while weíre still in our motorhome Iím curious on ways to proceed.

Thanks in advance. Iím sure to be around here a lot asking newbie questions.