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Thread: Squelch Not Low Enough

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    Default Squelch Not Low Enough

    Ok, so on my Baofeng uv82 I can receivie a strong transmission (4 bars, plus the screen turns blue) but no audio. It is not until I press & hold the squelch button can I actually hear the conversation (it is loud and clear). I have tried setting the squelch from 0 - 9, but it doesn't help (even at zero, I would think I'd hear the constant static, but I don't. The receiving light on top turns & stays green, and the screen stays blue, but no sound until I press the squelch button).
    Am I missing something because at work, they use one of the frs frequencies, and a hear their conversations without problem.

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    Sounds like a tone issue. Meaning the tone squelch is set to on, and what you want to hear isn't sending that tone.

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