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Thread: Help with PRC 77 Radio, strange noises on one fequency?

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    Default Help with PRC 77 Radio, strange noises on one fequency?

    Hello guys! I hope you are all doing well today, and I hope I'm posting this on the right board too!

    Lately, I've had this issue with my PRC 77 radio (US made, used by the spanish army, no 25mhz switch, unmodified), it kinda came out of nowhere so it bugs me out a bunch really.

    The reception is clean on most channels and frequencies, although on one frequency specifically, funnilly enough, the lowest, it being 30 00, the reception sounds choppy, and throws me off a whole lot, since the other frequencies do not share this phenomenon.

    Weirdly enough, this weird reception does not happen when the antenna and base are not plugged into the radio, having also checked for corrosion on the antenna, bases's and radio's threads.

    I'm starting to worry a little, do you guys think it's the frequency or an interference, or is it my radio acting up? I'll try to link up some vids of my radio so you guys get the idea of what's going on!

    Here's everything plugged with the antenna

    Here's everything without the antenna (without transmitting, of course!)

    I hope the video format is okay and not against any rules, and I really hope to have caused no bother to anyone with this post.

    Anywho, thanks for checking it out guys, and thanks in advance to anyone that tries to help!

    (sorry for the typo on the title, must have slipped by!)

    UPDATE: I went outside with my radio, walked a good fifty meters away, trying to get to the end of my block, sat down, and 30 00 worked smooth as butter!

    Although I noticed the high band setting, early ones (up to 56) did also get a little choppy.

    Do you guys think it was just interference? There's a few electrical poles and cabling next to my apartment, and I live to a 4 way (5, technically), if any of that is relevant!
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    let's it go and try new one

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