I was digging through some old boxes and discovered my ham radio that got packed away 20 years ago. I'd always wanted to try digital modes, so I ordered the Signalink USB TNC, which came today. If I use the speaker jack on the back of the radio to the TNC, then the waterfall shows up in Fldigi. Success! On the other hand:
  • The TNC-to-microphone connector audio doesn't work, even though I used the special internal jumper doodad from Tigertronics. Until I find the box with my scope, perhaps that will stay a mystery?
  • If I make Fldigi call CQ, the PTT light doesn't light up on the Signalink (or the radio). Fldigi is set as PTT on right audio channel.
  • I would like to listen to the radio from my computer headphones, but I can't figure out how to make pavucontrol send the audio to both the Fldigi and the computer headphones at the same time. (The Signalink AUX jack isn't stereo, has no independent level adjustment, and sounds terrible.)