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Thread: I'm new to the hobby and need advice

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    Default I'm new to the hobby and need advice

    Im planning on taking my technician test on the 10th Im confident I will pass I haven't had a failing practice test yet.anyhow Im looking for some advice on new gear.

    I defiantly want a HF rig for the shack but I am also super interested in parks on the air, we camp all the time. Tent camping not RV.

    I would also like to work UHF/VHF mobile and shack.

    For HF Ive been eyeing up the Yaesu FT-991A, Icom IC-7300, Icom IC705 and the IEGU G90

    The FT-991A would kill two birds with one stone. The IC-7300 has good reviews but is limited to HF, The IC-705 and G90 would be good for parks on the air.

    Would it be crazy to run the G90 with the XIEGU XPA-125B HF QRP Amplifier as a base?

    A super portable solution is tempting to me as I travel all the time for work, commercial flights and personal vehicle. Making the IC705 tempting.

    Bottom line is I have between $1500 - $2500 to play with possibly $3000

    If you had my budget and wanted to work all modes hf/vhf/uhf and have some portable gear what would you buy (doesn't need to be equipment I listed suggestions welcome)

    I am new to the hobby so any help would be appreciated.

    I hope this is the appropriate topic to post this under. I tried posting to general but I do not have sufficient rights to post there.

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

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    that's a tough one to answer because so many people have different preferences.
    and it depends on the direction you want to go in learning ham radio.
    a lot of guys buy a radio just to rag chew and do little else with it.
    many delve into the ghz spectrum of communication and many delve into the hf and low frequency bands.
    My choice was to start out in the HF bands (40 meter, 20 meter,10 meter 6,and 2 meter to start with)
    I cant do 80 and 160 meter due to space constraints unless i build mag loops
    I'm a home brewer and a kit builder because I take a bit of pride in making things.
    and my intentions after the covid crap clears up is to get my tickets and go as far as i can.

    I would recommend starting out like I am and learning as you go (This way you don't end up stepping on the wrong toes when your just starting out)
    many hammers are very good guys and we are a self policing group!
    you will hear them talking log books!! This is important as you will find in the arrl handbook and many prep test books, You will need to learn how to keep accurate and clearly understood logs of your radio operation whenever someone else is using your equipment under your instruction, whenever you make a change to your antenna and broadcast equipment. and quite often contact logs of who you communicated with. (These are to protect you if and when you ever get an fcc audit)
    there is a lot to learn but it's not too difficult
    so you choose what you want and go for it.
    Im so old dirt was my apprentice

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    The hobby is huge, there are many aspects to it. It's worth bearing in mind that for every single piece of 'big ticket' equipment you buy, you will also be spending another 25-50% on accessories. Your radio is only as good as the antenna and coax it's connected to.

    The FT-991A that you mentioned is a great 'shack in a box', but it's not so small as to be truly portable for travel operation. The IC-705 is much more portable, but it has limited power output. It's difficult to suggest equipment for you, as only you know what tickles your radio fancy.

    Do you know what repeaters you have locally?

    Are there any local clubs?
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    At first sight, I am immediately impressed with the vibrant Ferrari red paint of this retro Bluetooth FM radio for office from Greadio. It does bring back much reminiscence for the 1950s, but at the same time, the powerful speaker with 5W amplifiers of audio output can create more vibrant and louder sounds with no distortion. The portable unit is brought along at ease for different outdoor activities such as camping, picnic, traveling, yard work, etc. There are 3 modes for music listening beside the FM stations like wireless Bluetooth connection, Aux-in, and an integrated slot for a TF card.

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