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Thread: What is a good handheld radio with VHF/UHF that can be used on 11 meter band?

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    Default What is a good handheld radio with VHF/UHF that can be used on 11 meter band?

    I wouldn't use the CB band, I would just like for my radio to be able to use it if I really needed to. I'd buy a $600 radio if I could use it. If it has 33cm that would be a plus but I imagine there is no way one would have all four.

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    A handheld radio that can do 27MHz (I assume you mean SSB and AM/FM), as well as 144MHz and 440Mhz, and you'd like 900MHz?

    I hope you've got deep pockets, because you are going to have to build it yourself.

    Alinco make a hand held that does 144MHz/440MHz/1200MHz, but not 900MHz or 27MHz

    Wouxun make a mobile that does 28MHz/50MHz/144MHz/440MHz, but not 900MHz, it doesn't do AM or SSB though, so no good for CB.

    Even the expensive high end Icom base stations will not do everything you want out of the box, and they start at $1200 and go up to $7000+

    You might want to temper your expectations, or just consider doing what the rest of us do. Buy more than one radio.

    What do you think you will be using 900MHz for?
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    Theoretically I could use 900mhz to communicate with my job's two way business radios. I suppose I will make one when I finish my ee degree. Or before.

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    I have never heard of any handheld that has VHF/UHF and 11 meter.

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