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    I live near the sea in Cornwall, I would like to be able to listen to channel 16 and other channels, I would also like a vhf radio to use in emergency when I'm kayaking.
    Could you recommend a hand held receiver and also a hand held transceiver for me ?
    Last time I really used a radio was a CB radio.

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    If you want to take one with you in a boat, buy a proper marine VHF handheld. They are about 100-400. They all do the same basic job, the more expensive ones look prettier and make you feel better outfitted, but that's about it. Do a Google/Amazon search for "handheld marine vhf".

    The Cobra MRHH125 or Standard Horizon HX210E VHF Handhelds are probably the best value at the moment.

    Remember, the VHF radio licence course doesn't just give you the legal ability to use the radio, it also teaches you HOW to use it properly. That's what will probably save your life, not the walkie talkie.
    MB6IGK Fusion WiRES-X Digital Gateway on 434.5125 MHz in Gillingham, Kent, UK

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