I appreciate that all the manufacturers are suffering from a reduction in production capabilities and stock levels have fallen low on certain makes and models due to the lock down the whole world has suffered over the last six months, but Alinco appears to have been hit particularly hard (at least it appears that way in the UK).

I know that in the last few years, the top of the range VHF/UHF model, the DR-735 has been produced in Malaysia, and the dual band VHF/UHF DR-638H, and I believe both the VHF and UHF mono-band mobiles, were produced in China by Anytone (AT-588 clones I think?).

However, there appears to be virtually no Alinco VHF/UHF mobile radios for sale in the UK. I think there is new (old) stock of the HF model still available, and some of their hand helds are still listed for sale in various stores, but no shops that I can find have stock of any mobiles. Even the secondhand market is pretty dry when it comes to Alinco offerings.

What's happening with Alinco?