K6VHF rover team is back together again to participate in September ARRL VHF contest.
Team: Alex K6VHF, Vlad WY6DX, Vlad W6BVB

This time rover is completely redesigned from wheels to antennas. Many thanks to Alex for his hard work.
We will be active on 7 bands constantly moving.
50MHz All modes. H-Loop.
144MHz All modes. 10el.
223MHz FM. 4el.
902MHz FM. 13el.
1296MHz All modes. 15el.
2300MHz All modes. 45el.
10GHz All modes. Dish.

Start point will be Phoenix AZ. Please use APRS for rover location. We will post additional info about our route soon.
Compare to our previous attempt (https://contests.arrl.org/ContestRes...ullResults.pdf), we added two more bands and very interested to make contacts using new set of equipment.

See you on the bands!

Photo from 2016 January ARRL VHF: