Have any of you ever tried a slinky antenna?
I picked up 4 mini slinky's and soldered 2 per side for a slinky dipole. (electrically they are 44 meters in length. but when stretched out only span 30 feet.)
I havent tuned it yet because im not transmitting. but wow the amount of signals its picking up on both the 40 meter cricket and the 40 meter pixie is amazing.
its very hard to pick out how many signals its receiving. possibly a pile up! (and this was during the day! around 2 pm here in eastern usa.)
and the best thing, you can take it anywhere, use it as dipole, vertical and ground plane. or long-wire
and your not limited to 40 meter.

according to others the mini slinky's can handle up to 100 watts and probably more but I don't have a powerful transmitter to test that out