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Thread: Looking for circuit for a very low power oscillator

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    Default Looking for circuit for a very low power oscillator

    I'm looking for a circuit for a very low power 10Mhz oscillator that I can modulate with a tone so I can check some receivers I have.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    Your easiest solution is to put up a 10MHz antenna and use the WWV time signal.

    If you insist on building one, will it be for FM or AM?

    Edit: Take a look at the Bipolar Transistor Cookbook (By Nuts and Volts Magazine) Part 5 (of 8) on Page 3 (if it is in pdf form). There is a great section on very simple oscillators with modulation. It is online here just scroll down to the modulation section.
    Both the Bipolar Transistor Cookbook and Op-Amp Cookbook are great references to circuits that actually work!
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    Thanks agan Brandon,
    I'll have a go at building one (something to do whilst in Covid lockdown), I used to make my own PCBs some years ago and still have the bits and pieces about. I also have the design software. I know I have a couple of 10Mhz Xtals in my bits box. I was going to use AM with the output from my PC speakers with a CD I like. I'll make a start on the schematic tomorrow.

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