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Thread: 2730 differs from instruction manual

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    Default 2730 differs from instruction manual

    Yet another guy with the IC-2730a.
    I'm trying to set the bands on left and right sides.

    Page 24 of the manual (printed in the box and downloaded) says:
    -Selecting the operating band
    The transceiver can receive the AIR, 144 MHz or 430 MHz
    You can transmit on only the 144 MHz and 430 MHz bands.
    • You can make the selection on either the left or right
    band, regardless of the MAIN band.
    Operating band Frequency range
    AIR 118.000 MHz to 136.99166 MHz
    144 MHz 137.000 MHz to 174.000 MHz
    430 MHz 375.000 MHz to 550.000 MHz
    The ranges may differ, depending on the transceiver’s version.
    qqPush [V/MHz SCAN]S.
    • Selects the VFO mode.
    ww Hold down [MAIN BAND]S for 1 second.
    • Enters the Operating band select mode.
    eeRotate [DIAL]S to select the desired operating band.
    rrPush [MAIN BAND]S.
    • Returns to the stand-by mode.

    On the right side my options are: 127 am, 146, 448
    on the left side my options are: 127 am, 155, 450

    So i cant have 70cm on left side and 2m on right side? Could they be saying 450 as the top of the range? but why not use that for 2m also?

    anyone with any insight?

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    Your post doesn't make this clear: Have you actually tried setting the radio to the way you want it, or are you just reading the manual?

    I'm pretty sure that the most basic function of this radio allows you to have V/V, U/U, V/U, or U/V set up as you want. The issue might be with anything outside the amateur bands, such as the Air band, that might only be available on one side?
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    Trying to set it up be reading the manual. Odd thing is, i went back to it and it's different now. The numbers on both sides appear to be influenced by what VFO was on the display before entering that menu. This just means that i have no idea what's going on, and barring someone sitting there showing, may never understand.

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    I cannot set it the way I want it because I do not understand the radio vs the book.

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    Have you had a look at these YouTube videos, they may offer you an insight into the radio:

    Icom IC-2730A Dual Band Ham Radio

    IC-2730A vs IC-2720

    Memory programming for the IC-2730
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    I have watched several videos, I think 2 of those. I'll watch again. It seems that other then 127am, the other two freq's, on both sides, vary depending on what VFO i was on before trying to set the band

    thanks for the videos

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    I admit I do not understand your problems. It has been a while since I operated this radio.

    But FWIW, the left and right sides are kinda independent. You have to toggle between the sides otherwise your transmissions will be on the wrong side.

    When I was listening to one channel and monitoring my local RACES checkin on the other, I frequently talked on the wrong repeater because I forgot to toggle to the other side of the radio.

    Each side is pretty much independent and can be set up for UHF or VHF.

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