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    hi....using a tram mag mount preset on rubber rooftop,about 55 ft 38in whip. anyway...putting up the diamond will be 6ft above roof line. SHOULD be better.
    ...i can reach repeaters and even made contact with japan couple times. d-star im on. so QUESTION IS the x50 antenna,will what give me gain....and work better on simplex? compared to the mag mount i just put there for a bit till i got decent base ant..... im novice...
    im using a icom 5100a....

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    Most of the gain you will get from the X50 is in the use of better coax, plus the height gain.
    Here's a height/horizon calculator, have a play to understand how antenna height affects your horizon.
    You might be able to find a (better) graphical version for your location to show a coverage map.

    You'll hear more signals on the same antenna using better coax because the signal from the antenna is not attenuating on it's way to the receiver, especially for VHF.
    Same goes for the transmitter, less signal is lost before it reaches the antenna to radiate, so you need less transmitter Watts to make the same signal level at the other end.

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