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Thread: New to HAM and to the fourm from Colorado

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    Default New to HAM and to the fourm from Colorado

    New to Ham radio and to the fourm. Located in Colorado Springs, I'm actively studying for my test. Found this forum when searching for info about ham. Look forward to learning about the hobby.

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    Hi from UK.

    You will be able to sit the Tech exam online. It's much simplified to what it was years ago. 5yr olds are passing it so you will have no difficulties. All the study material can be sourced online for free. Have a look at the other threads in this section as there should be a few links.

    When you have the Tech license you will be able to transmit on VHF/UHF. Although that has a limited range in comparison to HF, you can talk to hams nationwide & even worldwide if you purchase a "DMR RADIO".

    Something like this would suit you fine to start out with....

    I would recommend that you spend an extra $20 for the GPS version. Watch a few reviews on YouTube. Then source the best deal.

    If you want one of the best DMR hand held l would direct you to the BTech DMR 6x2. That one is only available in USA at the moment. It's actually an Anytone radio on steroids. I have been a ham for 30yrs & if l was buying a new dmr handset then l would consider importing the BTech one into UK. Despite the high import duty.

    Best of luck with that exam. And do pop back & let us know how you get on. We need & welcome new hams.

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