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    Good evening.

    After about three months after passing My foundation exam, it seems to Me that the hobby is full of over 40. (I Myself is a young 61),I may be wrong. My question is how will the hobby attract young/younger members?. All the contacts I have spoken to are late 40s on wards. How do clubs or RSGB plan to address this situation?. Also in all My contacts, none were female so far. Do the general public know what armature radio is all about? True that the practical part of the exam has been stopped or put on ice, but a exam has to be taken. I think that the radio hobby should publicized or more approachable. How many carry a handheld in the street, the only radio the public see in a store is a security guards, with a ear plug in. I have walked through shopping centre with a handheld on, quietly, and asdas. If We are licenced, we can do this legally.

    Any coments welcome.


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    I am hearing them at 6-7 years old on the repeaters here. They are knowledgeable about the hobby and seem to be having fun. I think the younger generation is beginning to be drawn in. Iím 32 and was to busy before I became disabled. Now memory is an issue of course, but I have to study hard and work for it. If you look online many schools are doing ham radio programs beyond talking to iss. Hope this gives you some hope.
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    the enthusiasm of the younger generation is highly dependant on the participation of the older generation.
    with today's younger generation exposure to technology is bound to have an influx into the ham radio hobby.
    especially with the very young expressing interest in it.

    that's where we come in!
    older hams dedicating time and resources into education of the youth is priceless.
    the urge to learn is a gift , the chance to teach is an honor!

    now i don't know how others feel about it but I take a lot of pleasure watching a youth's happy reaction when they learn something.
    Im so old dirt was my apprentice

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