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    Hi All:
    As with most of us, Iím not as busy as before. I found some QSL cards from my ham radio days in the early 80ís, and since my license is still active, Iím curious as to whatís new in the world of amateur radio.

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    Hi Bill, from Nottingham UK.

    Ham radio these days differs slightly to what it was back in the day.

    The exams are much simplified (both sides of the pond) to the extent that 5yr olds have passed them.

    It's also gone digital. Many dmr radios on the market. Come a long way since the days of SSTV.

    But you can still have a QSO much the same as you did 4 decades ago.

    Surprised that your license remains active. In UK we need to go online & confirm the license every 5yrs or it gets cancelled.

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    I plan on posting a few of the most interesting QSL cards from the early 80ís, but I need to make a few more entries on this forum in order to enable the attachment option.

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    Unsure which section would be appropriate to post those on. Was also unaware there was any restrictions re number of post prior to adding attachments. Perhaps it's to do with guys joining only to spam.

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