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Thread: ID51 Dstar Programming Problem writing SD Card for Digital Radio.

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    Default ID51 Dstar Programming Problem writing SD Card for Digital Radio.

    ID51 for DStar Programming Problem, writing SD Card for Digital Radio.

    Moderators. Hope we have ID51 fans reading this post as this appears to be a Dstar preparation problem not an Icom User problem as the moderators think it is by transferring this post to Icom, thank you for leaving it here.

    That's it folks - format SD Card in Windows fat32 no problem. Insert card in ID51 to format it as required, navigate to FORMAT then, OK it as required, but it just comes up with a window stating -

    Function is active,
    QSO Log,
    RX History Log

    Then you should get FORMAT Yes/No! instead it reverts back to "format" as it did from the start, it seems to be in a loop and just refusing to format !! Tried several SD Cards different sizes and makes as one does.

    I have done lots of searching on-line and it 'seems' there 'maybe' a problem in the Firmware but that was, I believe just someones 'thought' and not a definite reason for the problem.

    I am trying to impress the owner of the ID51 so need to get it working correctly so 'THANK YOU' in advance.

    Peter G8CVF

    Stay Safe !!

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    maybe disable QSO Log & RX History Log as that might be blocking to format the memory card?
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