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Thread: yaseu FT-757 GX II back light

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    Question yaseu FT-757 GX II back light

    I have an FT 757 GX II that has been in mothballs for quite a while. Bringing it back to life, and reading through the user manual, I noticed that the S meter has no back light. Not sure if this is normal. If there is a back light then it would seem like the S meter probably has a back light problem and because the light is internal, either I figure out how to get into the meter (bad idea) or the meter has to be used as is.
    Any ideas?

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    A friend of mine - (sk) had two 757 GX - said they were a very good rig. Unfortunately he is no longer with us..

    I don't know of any radio that doesn't have a back light behind a meter.. Maybe you could find someone online that could repair that problem for you. Did you look at the schematic, it would show if it has a light bulb or not.

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    Default yaseu FT-757 GX II back light

    I love my 757gx. The meter is lit from the bottom. I feel like it’s a fairly easy bulb change. Hope this helps. If you need PDFs manuals, let me know I’ll send copies.
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    Default S meter back light

    Yes, there’s supposed to be a backlight in the meter. It’s called a “grain of wheat” bulb. Radio Shack used to carry them when they were open... Download the Owner’s manual and Tech manual. One of those will tell you what size and voltage of bulb you need. Then you can order from internet electronic supply store depending on where you are.

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