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    I'm currently studying for my tech exam. I had no interest in amature radio until da rona popped up.
    I spend a fair amount of my free time out in the woods, with no cell coverage, or reliable ways to communicate. That was always a positive, until a pandemic hits.
    I'm not one to panic, but after seeing how people respond to a shortage of toilet paper, something like a proven method of communication starts to make a whole lot of sense.
    A friend of mine suggested amature radio as an option, and this is where we are.
    I'm reading and learning, but as a hands on kind of guy, its felt like an uphill battle. I can memorize questions and answers, but I dont feel like I can turn that into working knowledge.
    I'm I. Illinois, and we are still pretty much locked down, so I haven't been able to find anyone to ask, or mentor me. I'm still at a point where I dont even know what to ask!.
    My friend recently got his call sign and tells me that this is when his education really began, I'm just trying to get over that hump so that I can really start to learn.
    At 50 years old, I've found that the most important lesson you can learn, is to recognize where your understanding stops. What I've learned so far about amature radio is that what I dont know, is everything. I want to change that.

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    Hi from UK.

    First thing to learn is it's "amateur" radio.

    You perhaps already know that you can sit all of the exams online. In UK they are also super easy in comparison to what they were years ago. Something that has enraged a few of the old hams. They feel that people should be made to sit the super difficult exams that we sat many moons ago.

    There are many sources to download all the study material you will require to sit the Tech exam.
    After you have that you can then talk to local hams & progress at you own speed.

    In UK, the first exam would give you access to "all" the ham bands(they only limit your power).
    In US you will have more limitations to the frequencies you may use.

    So your next move will be to acquire the study material & apply for the online exam.

    Good luck


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    Hi! I’m 54, and I just got my call sign yesterday. The VE told me I only missed one on my Tech exam: it seemed pretty easy to me.

    Are you a constitutionally technical kind of guy, or more an artistic or gregarious sort?

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    No update.
    Perhaps he has decided PMR radio may be a better option as no exams or licence required.

    Although 5yr olds are passing the Tech exam so no reason why any educated adult would have any difficulty with that exam.
    Judging by the spelling & punctuation in the OPs post l reckon he would sail through that exam.

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