My father and I drove about an hour and a half this morning and took our ham radio exams along with two other guys. According to the VEs, everybody passed everything they tried for. Dad and I are both Amateur Extras; although he has a record in the FCC database already (because he was already a Technician) and I don't. The VEs said I missed one on the Technician exam, five on the General exam, and one on the Extra exam.

The ham shack at the radio club where we took the exams was pretty impressive. They had maybe thirty linear feet of desk space crammed with rigs, and shelves above that with lots of other equipment I'm too noobish to recognize; but I did recognize the RF patch panel at one end. Fifteen or so connectors coming from the radios in the shack, above twenty or so connectors running to all the antennas in the yard (I recognized lots of Yagis, including a 10-meter Yagi (big!) dismounted and lying in the parking lot with traffic cones around it). I can't show you the shack, but here's the property with all the antennas:!3m1!1e3

I still have only a little Yaesu handheld and no real objective to shoot for, therefore no idea what equipment to buy to achieve it; but at least I have the license.