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Thread: YAESU VX-6R or something else?

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    Default YAESU VX-6R or something else?

    Hi everyone,
    sorry for my poor English grammar, I need some advice about a portable radio with the following specification:

    - PMR446 (466Mhz) and LPD (433-434Mhz) with CTCSS support, TX & RX
    - Air Band (VHF 118-137Mhz) support, RX only
    - [OPTIONAL] the ability to monitor an Air Band frequency while being on PMR446 or LPD frequency

    Could you please suggest a radio with this feature?
    I think that YAESU VX-6R should works but I donít know if I could monitor an Air Band frequency while being on PMR446 or LPD frequency.

    Many Thanks

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    You are confusing amateur radio with scanner listening..

    You can b U Y a good scanner for as little as $30 that will do all you want it to do..

    You should be concerned with its performance 144 - 148...

    Hand held ham radios do not make good scanners, they don't scan fast enough and are not designed to receive as well out of band.

    If they are designed to receive well out of band - the front end becomes so wide that it lets in all the garbage - which makes it a poor performer for amateur radio.

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    Sorry, I wasn't clear with my previous message and I have little knowledge about the correct terminology.

    I have only a single audio input on my helmet and I donít know how to connect at the same time my actual PMR/LDP radio (MIDLAND G9 PRO) and an Air Band scanner.
    I need only to monitor a single Air Band frequency.
    Please correct me if Iím wrong but I think that I need a single device, like the YAESU VX-6R.

    Many Thanks

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    Hello again, and what about Wouxun KG-UV9D Plus?
    According to the specs I think that it has the right features, but I know nothing about Wouxun reliability.

    Many Thanks

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