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Thread: Need to do some tuning to my Off Center Fed Dipole if possible

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    Default Need to do some tuning to my Off Center Fed Dipole if possible

    I purchased a NI4L OCF 80-6 Off Center Fed Dipole antenna a while back and installed it. This antenna is a pre-configured unit that does not leave an easy way to tune it by adjusting the lengths. I put an antenna analyzer on it and found that I only have respectable readings on the 40 and the 10 meter bands. The wire is a flex-weave wire and the ends have a heavy duty crimp connector on them. The antenna is mounted about 35' in the air with the balun point crossing above the end peak of the house with a metal mast at the gable. The feed line is LMR400. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to tune this type of antenna. I will attach my Analyzer output.

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    It would be interesting to see an RjX plot of that antenna with an OSL calibration at the far end of the coax.

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    are the crimp connectors soldered to the wire or just crimped on?
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    The wire is not soldered to the crimp connectors at all. There was actually a good review done on the antenna, that does a good detailed explanation of its construction that I found. I have pulleys for the two ends but the Balun connection point is connected directly to the mast. I may need to add a pulley system for that as well so that I can diagnose issues there easier. It would be good to put an analyzer on at that point. I used my brothers for the first tests. I may have to invest in one of my own to diagnose this further.

    Thanks for the questions. You have given me more to look at. Let me know if you have any other ideas.


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